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GOP Contenders Getting Feisty

November 25th, 2015

With Trump way out in front,  the contenders for the VP spot are attacking each other,  – and we get some great political ads… Rubio made the mistake of attacking Ted Cruz’s rejection of the NSA re-authorization.  The Courageous Conservative PAC quickly fired back. Video below the fold:

Meet the deviously dedicated Cuban-American attorney who doesn’t much like America the way it is.  He’s the architect behind the new $7 Trillion ‘Immigration Amnesty Bill’. You thought you hated ObamaCare?   You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet! Comprehensive Immigration Reform? In your eye!

Chris Crane explains – in a voice and tone far calmer than I could muster – what is wrong with the bill – and with the attitudes of the ‘Gang of Eight’. Former Marine Crane is an ICE officer – and ICE Union President. GANG-of-EIGHT:   Marco Rubio (R)FL, John McCain (RiNO)AZ, Lindsay Graham (RiNO)SC, […]