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TSA Fires A TOKEN Clerk

May 24th, 2016

When the airport lines don’t move – fire the CLERK! Sometimes it seems like just yesterday when the Obama geniuses were trolling for TSA inspectors with ads on pizza boxes.  Then they bought full body scanners…

TSA’s Acting Administrator, Melvin J. Carraway, – held that top job just 173 days – and has now been bounced down stairs after his own audit proved that TSA agents failed 67 of 70 smuggling tests – that’s a 96% failure rate. TOKEN GOOD NEWS: At least the TSA was actually conducting tests to see […]

TSA’s Pizza Box Troll

July 12th, 2010

You just know that somebody got an “Attaboy Award” for this.   So I want to be fair.  I’m NOT going to blame the brand-new TSA Administrator  John S. Pistole, [former DepDir of the FBI] who was just sworn in this month.  This was already in the works.