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The Mouseketeer, [aka MassGOP Chair Kirsten Hughes] has held the reigns of ‘power’ for over 13 months now. She’s overseen a fake republican – ‘Navy SEAL’ – lose to Ed Markey. She’s just disavowed the pro-Life and pro-Marriage planks of her own party. And,…she seems not to have noticed that the Mid-Term Elections are just […]

Gives the max $500 to ‘Independent’ [read Progressive Obama-backing Democrat] Jeffrey S. McCormick’s campaign for governor…. RRB thanks the diligence of Bob Eno and Red Mass Group for uncovering this end-of-the-year political contribution on the state’s OCFP website.  You’ll remember that JUST last week, ‘Navy SEAL’ Gomez was calling Eno and Worcester Republican Chris Pinto […]

The REAL Gabriel Gomez: REVEALED!

December 22nd, 2013

Former “Navy SEAL” calls Conservative Republicans  “Klan”, – the SAME language used by Obama’s new advisor John Podesta and grotesque Florida Democrat Alan Grayson. We knew that 2014 would be ugly.  Grayson,  Podesta, and now Gomez have taken a head start. Gomez – who ran for the US Senate as a ‘Republican’ – has now […]

Gabriel Gomez: NEVER A Republican!

September 26th, 2013

Goes to Boston Globe and delivers the final betrayal… The Cohasset ‘Republican’ [actually a Democrat] whose entire campaign consisted of saying “Navy SEAL” and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance…. has suddenly had a change of heart? CAUTION:   If you campaigned for him…this may make you puke…

…a poor one,…and a VERY VERY BAD ONE! This election epitomizes why our state is a national laughing stock.

They’ve barely met, – hardly spoken beyond greetings,   – but today our World Socialist Scandal Factory will come to Roxbury Community College to heap false praise on a 40-year do-nothing government worker…. How desperate is Obama that he would lower himself [oxymoron, I know…] to campaign for the lackluster Ed Markey?  But what else […]

Massachusetts can’t get out of it’s rut. Obama doesn’t care who wins on June 25th.  Either Markey or Gomez guarantees him a reliable and cooperative Senate vote.

Where Did You Fight Gabe?

April 25th, 2013

Is former US Navy Officer Gabe Gomez marketing himself to voters using the valor, deeds, and legend of other men? As an American and a veteran, – I am proud of and thankful for every day Gabriel Gomez served this country in our Navy.   His honorable service is not remotely a political issue. It’s the way […]

What? You thought he’d endorse a REAL Republican? Over these past 25 years, how many Mass Voters has Bill Weld fooled into believing that he is a ‘Moderate Republican’?  A whole LOT!

More unfortunate foot-in-mouth problems for our former Navy SEAL. He said  “…I want to go down there and be a Civil Servant…” OK, maybe it was just a poor choice of words, – but in the well of the US Senate – words matter – A LOT!  The Freudian slip comes at 20:30 on the first […]