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McCain – who provided the Fusion GPS phony “Golden Showers” document to the FBI,  the CIA, and the NY Times – wrote his own funeral plans… He took pains to dis-invite Trump, – but did invite all the New World Socialist traitors that could fit in the cathedral…

Yet another Black Rap “Artist” gunned down in a city run for decades by Black Democrats…. What was the meaning of Bankroll’s short 28 years?  White underpants matter? It was a classic case of overkill,…

Under The Christmas Radar!

December 23rd, 2009

Merry Christmas Americans, Across the globe in nearly nuclear and totally fractured Iran,  events are stirring which may cause Mister Obama some sleepless nights as his first State-of-The-Union’s Disaster Address is being written for him by Bill Ayers.  If you’re not a new hawk,  a high ranking and moderate cleric in Iran died last week.  […]

Our Week of National Nausea

August 30th, 2009

Hello Americans, thanks for clicking in.  This seemed like the week which would not end! Boston became Barf Central as everybody who is anybody in leftist and socialist circles came to ooze sentiment for the murderer Ted Kennedy.   Admittedly, – some of it was fun to watch – like watching Hillary trying to be nice […]