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The shallowness and hypocrisy is layered so deep you wonder who is advising the Cherokee Squaw.  If Trump is “a threat to our Democracy”,  – why is she wasting time attacking the gay kid over a fund-raiser in a wine cellar? Are her fund-raisers held in McMansions somehow more holy?

DNC Fundraising Tanks! Why?

December 23rd, 2017

Has the party built on Slavery,  Jim Crow,  Segregation,  Abortion,  and Welfare Slavery run aground in the 21st Century? Were Obama and Hillary the last Pallbearers? They’re $3.3 million in debt,  and fundraising has tanked,  even as the DNC is being sued for manipulating funds and hiding payment for the FusionGPS anti-Trump dossier.   Is Tom […]

Just follow the MONEY Folks, – to know what Jeb’s core political beliefs really are! Little Brother Jeb was just in the Hamptons,  a cozy gathering at Ken Lipper’s storied mansion,…and all the big-name DEMOCRATS were writing checks.  Who’s Lipper…?

Is Obama Settling For Scraps?

October 26th, 2011

For an American President at the low ebb of his popularity – it was a day of unsettling images. Obama was on a 2-day fundraising swing of the Left Coast – noticeably Hollywood.  And he stopped in to see his old buddy Jay Leno. For the pResident of HOPE and CHANGE – this was his […]

   Mind-boggling hypocrisy! Elizabeth Warren takes BIG $$ from liberal NYC high society cocktail-party DemocRATS! Committed communists, socialists, one-world dreamers, Wall Street fat cats, abortionists, and a collection of rakes and whores, – all gathered last Wednesday to be seen by each other – and write big checks for Harvard professor Eliz ‘Dizzy Lizzy’ Warren. […]

Obama Rebuffs Texas Governor

August 11th, 2010

Obama went looking for Democratic Campaign $$ yesterday in Austin,  Texas.  There were a couple of big fundraisers, and in between, an “official”  pResidential speech at the University of Texas [Longhorns] about higher education.  That speech allowed you to pick up the air fair.  Awaiting Obama’s arrival at Austin-Bergstrom was Texas Governor Rick Perry – […]

What have YOUR senators and Congressmen/women been doing and saying?  Staying silent, pointing fingers, or demanding action? Do you ~ think ~ that just maybe OBummer wants this problem to get a LOT worse – so he can justify government takeovers of the oil industry?  Too far fetched?  Remember Cash for Clunkers?    /s/  Iron […]