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There is a simple reason there are so many Irish in America – over a thousand years of warfare with the British. If you are of Irish decent,  you should teach your kids and your grand kids the whole story of their heritage. It’s not all leprechauns!

Remember this ad. Remember how you felt. Remember how things changed. We can do it again. For our children and grandchildren. Change can only happen if you make it happen. Vote today. Be the change. It CAN be morning in America again. It’s all up to you and me. I voted. Will you?  –Jim Ettwein

We The People

January 4th, 2011

We all need reminders from time to time… PresO, pay attention. rr

God’s Own Lunatics

July 30th, 2010

Our Primary Election is just 46 days away, the General Election is just 94 days away.  Before we lose this wonderful free country, let’s pause to remember a free country we did manage to lose – by listening to the cowards on the left.

Yes, folks, the headline is correct. Concord, MA, in an effort to “save the only planet we have” has banned the sale of water bottles in the town. I’m sure that this is all it will take to save us (wait, isn’t Obama supposed to save us?) So, starting in 2011, it will be illegal […]