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You may loathe his communist politics,  but he damn near filled the Tacoma Dome (holds 23,000).  This rivals Trump’s numbers,  – even if only once,  – and only in the LibTurd-soaked greater Seattle area. Can’t wait to see him tear into Billionaire Bloomberg in Vegas Wednesday night.

Promises are so easy to make – when you have no intention of ever delivering…  There wasn’t a successful leader on that stage. The theater at St. Anselm College holds less than 600 people, – so either the Dems expected a small crowd – or knew that was all they’d get.

Two of the most long-term (aka lifelong) and despicable liars in the US Senate are finally telling the Truth, – by accusing each other of lying! But who will the Lying Media pretend to believe…?

Any Room Left Democrats?

June 5th, 2019

With 24 declared Democrats / Socialists candidates lined up already, – is there any room left in your Clown Car for some BIG NAMES (or wide bodies)? Still awaiting announcements from Stacey Abrams,  MoonBeam Brown,  Lil Timmy Kaine,  Lurch,  Moosechelle,  Hillary Herself,  Oprah,  Mark Cuban,  and Wimpy Willard… The Iowa Caucuses are Monday, 3 Feb,  […]

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill was at a town hall meeting in Fulton explaining to her Democrat voter base why “FREE”…isn’t…. “In those countries,…people pay 70% in taxes…”

Wednesday morning’s urgent visit with lifelong race-baiting tax-dodger Al Sharpton highlights the sheer hypocrisy of Sanders’ entire political theology.   Why at age 72 does he still have no Black friends of his own,  – after spending his entire life on either the public payroll – or on the public dole…? Suddenly he needs Black friends […]

To the 61 Million Americans [or residents] who just voted for Obama, we apologize for misunderstanding and thus misjudging you. We were terribly wrong! We thought that despite minor differences you were mostly like us – i.e. patriotic Americans.  We misjudged.  Sorry.  We failed to pick up that you’ve evolved so much beyond ‘just America’ […]