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The Governor’s little brother Fredo went “full Sicilian” on live TV yesterday,  – over Goya Beans. The Goya Boycott was begun by AOC,  – and now it comes back to bite the corrupt Cuomo family in the ass:  Enjoy the meltdown!  VIDEO:

It must be tough being the dumb son and brother of New York Governors…. Chris “Fredo” Cuomo broke quarantine on Easter Sunday – with his family,  and went from his Southampton home to see his new East Hampton home.  He’ been telling his viewers that he was still suffering from Coronavirus as he broadcast from […]

Somehow Cuomo felt he’d been ‘insulted’ by a Trump supporter, – promptly goes ‘full Mafia” on the young man…. Chris is the son of Mario (52nd Governor of NY) and brother of Andrew (56th Governor of NY) and is currently an anchor on CNN.  He has a JD from Fordham so he should know better than to […]