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It is humanly IMPOSSIBLE to ‘mock’ Frederica any worse than she does herself – getting dressed every morning!

With every snivel and every rant against President Trump you discredit the character,  judgment,  and sacrifice of your late husband! Sergeant La David Johnson was NOT a ‘victim’!  He was a 3 x time volunteer – for the Army, – as an Airborne Soldier,  – and for the risks inherent in Special Operations duty.  There […]

Outrage and cries of “Racism” are wonderful tools for grandstanding…

Leave it to the utter desperation of the DemocRAT party,  – where most of their elected members couldn’t find Niger on a map,  – to resort to one of their most flamboyant and outlandish clowns to try to smear President Trump. Always the lying race-baiter – this troll willingly uses a dead soldier and his […]

In perhaps one of the best and most heart-felt speeches I’ve ever heard – on a terribly solemn and very personal subject – White House Chief-of-Staff John Kelly explains to the left-wing media what happened… – and why a loud empty barrel is making so much ugly noise.

As the 2012 Presidential and Congressional races begin, the incumbent Democrats are beginning to try out their tried-and-true sound bites – ‘Racism‘, ‘Jim Crow‘, lynching, and ‘TEA Party‘.  There will be a steady daily diet of these charges for the next 14 months, and many voters will be duly intimidated. [if video loads slowly – […]