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Can’t wait to buy this guy a beer!  Here’s a version that the Squaw wasn’t able to get pulled: It should happen everywhere this lifelong liar goes. Compare her tiny crowd in Dover to Trump last night in Toledo!

A troubled man – but an untroubled crook gets to start a decade in the Federal Slammer – at age 61.  He served two separate terms in Congress,  95-97 and 2013-15. He bilked good folks for a phony charity,  – ripped an 85 year old Baltimore philanthropist for hundreds of thousands of dollars.   In addition […]

Lifelong Race Baiter Brown – 22 years in Congress – either is too dumb to understand the problems – or is covering somebody’s ass…. Florida voters have sent some real Yo-Yos to Congress, including convicted judge Alcee Hastings, wife beater Alan Grayson, liar Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and peacock Frederica Wilson. None are so flamboyantly ignorant and […]

She KNOWS how to serve…HERSELF! Another of Deval Patrick’s ‘special’ appointees wanders off the reservation – this one has wandered OFF the JOB, – and OUT of STATE! Early Child Education and Care Commissioner Sherri Killins – has been busy getting herself qualified for her next job – the one she’ll need once Patrick is […]

The Obama White House released this staged photo-op of ZerO ‘in command’ during Storm Sandy. So where is the photo of him during the Benghazi Massacre? Note the very casual – almost indifferent – body posture of ZerO.  It tells you how much he really cares…

“Screw you Taxpayer! I know how to work the system.” Deval Patrick’s pick for State Police Superintendent in Jan 2010 was clearly an Affirmative Action selection. On Colonel Marian McGovern’s watch State Police discipline and morale deteriorated. There was a series of unfortunate incidents involving troopers. Amazingly, even oblivious Duh-val took note. McGovern stepped down […]

More Obama Enviro-Fraud

December 14th, 2011

Enviro-fanatic . . . or Enviro-Fraud? Would you buy gasoline at $16/gal [4 x times going price]?  You are – for the US Navy! Solazyme of South San Francisco announced a contract for 450,000 gallons of bio-fuel – reprocessed animal fats to be used in Navy jets, helicopters, and surface ships.  Besides paying 4 times too […]

A Chip Off The Old Crook

March 14th, 2011

Nevada Election Chief feels Son of Skelator played funny with money! Uh-oh, Rory Reid, son of Skelator, er, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid [sometimes called ‘Dirty Harry’] has been sent the Letter of Political Purgatory from the Nevada Elections Commission who acted on a tip from Las Vegas Sun investigative reporter Jon Ralston.  Wow!  Real […]

Doctor and Teacher Fraud

February 20th, 2011

Watch the video below… look for instances of: On the part of the doctor; 1. Conspiracy to commit fraud (falsifying medical documents) 2. Committing fraud (generating false medical documents) On the part of the teacher (someone entrusted to teach our children); 1. Using fraudulent documents to take government funds (using false medical documents to continue […]

Now The GLOBE Chimes In

July 3rd, 2010