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Nassour’s resignation was a blessing…. D O N’T  B L O W  I T ! In 7 short days you’ll gather in Newton to elect a new Republican Chairman. If you accept his bribes or bow to the Romney pressure – you’ll vote for Bob Maginn. If you do you’ll likely help lose the 2012 […]

Robert Maginn’s Bribery Offer

November 17th, 2011

DOWNSTAIRS: Romney-guy Bob Maginn was busy bribing the willing with free booze and free websites. [see his email at the end] These are really just Democrats in red neckties. UPSTAIRS: Momma Kangas ran the Politburo as usual, i.e. with a dictatorial fist and got NOTHING done. Having written scathingly about Bob Maginn’s $2,500 campaign contribution […]

Two No-Shows For Chair Debate

November 14th, 2011

Sunday turned out to be a fine Republican day in the Commonwealth. It was a 4-way debate hosted by the MRA for the announced candidates for Chairman of the MassGOP. Only two showed up. In his opening statement Kamal Jain stunned the room with his surprise announcement that he was withdrawing and throwing his full […]