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There is a terrible price to be paid when a nation fails to control who comes into the country.  It can suddenly be too late…. It seems the illegal Muslims in France are jealous of all the attention the Yellow Vests are getting…. video

Globalism Is Burning In France!

December 2nd, 2018

Americans shouldn’t smirk too broadly at what is happening in France these days,  – because it may soon be happening right here. The “Gilets Jaunes” – the Yellow Vests – are working-class Frenchmen, – disgusted to the point of revolution at where French voters have pointed their future….

With his soldiers deployed across the southern Sahara and in the streets of his major cities,  France’s top general resigns in the face of budget cuts from his socialist boy president.

The War In France

June 10th, 2017

Both the French and the US Media hardly cover it.   “Just not Politically Correct” – to show the ugly side of Muslim Immigration in a once-beautiful national capitol. 10-minute video below the fold.  Imagine this in America….because without strict immigration control it WILL happen here – likely in your lifetime.

The anti-Trump candidate wins.  Islam smiles,  Merkel smiles,  the bureaucrats in the EU smile, and all of Europe faces very dark days ahead. France has elected a boy to do a man’s job…   God help them!

Two attack American-owned Air Products industrial gas plant in Saint Quentin-Fallavier – east of Lyon, France.   Explosives tossed,  one employee beheaded,  his head covered with ‘Arabic writing’ and hung on a fence.  You ~ think ~ they’re sending a ‘message’? First reports fuzzy; ~ maybe one good dead, ~ maybe one ‘arrested’, – no word […]

What Would Napoleon Have Done?

January 9th, 2015

“…a whiff of grape…”? UPDATE: 11:45 Friday 9 Jan Police storm both situations – kill all three jihadis.

The FRENCH?!?  Yep!   The French under President François Hollande are showing more courage than Obama. They’ve just told Putin he can’t have his brand-new French-built helicopter carrier. So not only are French [of all people] standing up to the Iranians in the nuclear bomb talks, – they’re standing up to Putin over the Crimea and […]