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The new Globalist Left cannot survive so long as there are even a few honest journalists willing to dig up the Truth,  – and report it to Americans in simple words easily understood.   For two years now we’ve been watching Fox turn itself into a copycat of CNN.  Very sad for them,  – dangerous for […]

It is beyond understanding – that the once-proud bastion of conservative broadcasting and honest journalism – – would hire an admitted left-wing liar who gave debate questions to Hillary…. Bernie must be damn near speechless!

The new more liberal Fox News chose to condemn Pirro’s remarks,  – so we have posted them so you can decide. Was the Judge speaking in Islamophobic terms,  – or just pointing out the stark contradictions between our Constitutional Law and Islamic Sharia Law…?

The Liberal Media (Propaganda Ministry) will giggle with glee as they report the apparent ending or the relationship between Fox and Bill O’Reilly.  Since ratings weren’t the issue,…it boils down to image, and too many lawsuits.  There is a whiff of hypocrisy in the air…. The world’s best known know-it-ALL (after Obama) was never known […]

$20 Million wasn’t enough to keep her at Fox…..she wanted to be with like-minded people…. I won’t miss her; – I was tired of changing channels at 9 PM.

I’ve been a fan of Newt since I lived in Georgia (before my terrible blunder of moving north).  There are damn few men who think as fast on their feet,  – or have his command of the facts and the English Language. So when Trump-hating / Hillary supporter Megyn Kelly was carelessly flinging inflammatory words […]

NewsmaxTV cuts his mic, – he had the foresight to record on his own. I think we’ll see these folks all in court….. This is all part of the “Never-Trump mafia…” – such stupid people!

She’s becoming the Connie Chung or Dan Rather of 2016…

Not satisfied with his record 24 million viewers, Fox News owner Roger Ailes invites another debate-nite donnybrook between Trump and his pet viper Megyn Kelly. This is a deliberate disservice to America’s voters,  – and may prove that Roger has a bigger ego than Trump.

Neil Cavuto At His VERY Best!

October 29th, 2013