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It was such an easy lie to write for a Trump-hating young ‘reporter’;  – her target audience would totally believe it:  “How is Trump Spending Thanksgiving?  Tweeting, Golfing, and More”. Except – Oops! – Trump was really in Afghanistan with our Troops, – and Newsweek was embarrassed. They FIRED her!  Anybody need a trilingual fiction writer? […]

You see Julie – your little ‘birdie’ is protected free speech.   But when you take certain jobs – that contract you sign with your employer,  – which may contain provisions about your public behavior and image,  – is a condition of your voluntary employment.   Live and learn. 

They turned a noble cause and a worthy charity into their personal golden cow,  and they milked it for years. Trusting donors were bilked and wounded heroes were betrayed. There is a special hell for those – in uniform or in authority – who betray the public trust and betray our troops.  Steven Nardizzi and […]

Obama Fires SecDEF Chuck Hagel!

November 24th, 2014

Despite being a lifelong drunk, – the former Vietnam Infantryman still had enough honor to side with the generals and advocate BOOTS on the ground against ISIS. So Obama beheaded him!  Will he now appoint a female, – or a gay? Kerry next? How many more loyal sycophants under the bus during these next two years?