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Whom The Gods Would Destroy…

January 22nd, 2014

                    …they shall first elevate! Three rising political stars suddenly find themselves caught up in controversy, lies, and even criminal investigations.  It cuts across party lines.  Some may be essentially unfair, – some are self-inflicted.  The Court of Public Opinion can be much harsher than a jury of your peers…

Where Was Senator Squaw?

March 7th, 2013

“Does President Obama believe – he has the right to kill American Citizens – asleep in their beds – in the United States – with drone strikes?” Kentucky Senator Rand Paul spent 13 grueling hours filibustering the nomination of Obama hack John Brennan – to get an answer to that question. Joined by several young […]

Your hour is at hand Scott Brown.  This is THE time for you to make a difference in American History – for the next 40+ years.  Stand up on the Senate floor and filibuster the confirmation of left-wing judicial activist nominee Elena Kagan!

I’m feeling embarrassed and betrayed – the way a man must feel when his wife announces she’s leaving him – for her lesbian lover.  Scott Brown said he would be our 41st vote,  that he would stand up for the Constitution and against the perverted liberal interests.  Now instead of just voting like Olympia Snowe and […]