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There was the Cherokee Squaw in Atlanta Wednesday night,  – ranting about giving FREE EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY….by super-taxing Billionaires…. Meanwhile back at the ranch,  Charles Schwab was concluding his purchase of TD Ameritrade…. Perhaps he doesn’t think she has a snowball’s chance…?

He’s one of the most sleazy and duplicitous left-wing apostles to ever walk the land,  – fooling stupid voters while raising their taxes to feed his ‘special constituencies‘… Now with TAX REFORM and TAX CUTS becoming reality thanks to Donald Trump,  – JamieBoy is at a political crossroads….  Is he smart enough to even understand […]

Bad news just keeps on dripping! Can he find the faucet?

“Say It To My Face!”

March 19th, 2011

God Save Massachusetts! Duh-val sure won’t! Fresh back from Israel and England he’s asked for a meeting with Ned and Abby Johnson. He’s ‘hurt’ they didn’t tell him they are moving 1,100 ATMs [jobs] out of Ma$$achu$ett$. “I want them to say that to my face, and I want to see whether there is something […]

Wave 1,100 Goodbyes Deval

March 15th, 2011

And take a big bow Deval, – you did it! You and those stuck-on-stupid Taxocrats have just managed to push another 1,100 high-paying white collar [green] jobs out of state. And barely 2 months into your second term!  Wow, you are one fast-acting governor.    Fidelity Investments announced today that after cutting some 8,000 jobs […]