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All the racial hatred stirred up by Jackson, Sharpton, Holder and Obama exploded last night, – as a vigilante shot two cop outside the Ferguson, Missouri police station. A crowd had gathered to continue anti-police protests in the wake of the Justice Department report citing racism in the Ferguson Police Department – and the resignation […]

Our favorite Junkyard Dog is at it again – calling out Attorney General Eric Holder’s racist agenda at the National Press Club. “Inflammatory and irresponsible rhetoric…like vultures at a roadside kill!” Cops in general, and police chiefs and sheriffs in particular, – often find it convenient to walk a delicate non-political line, – never revealing […]

As a minimum it seems like witness intimidation. RbG Saint Louis may be just a fringe group of the Uhuru Movement, – but offering a cash bounty to find and photograph Officer Darren Wilson seems like an invitation to find and shoot him.

There MUST be, – otherwise why would Al Sharpton – America’s Premier Race Pimp – be returning for a 4-day weekend? Always the Best Dressed Man at any event, you just have to wonder where all his money comes from… How many American companies are still paying him an annual “Peacekeeping Fee”?

Outgoing Attorney General clearly looking for his pound of flesh. Holder makes no bones about his distrust loathing for the Ferguson Missouri Police Department,…telegraphs the outcome of his investigation…even as he tells the Grand Jury leaker to “Shut Up!”.  Holder may be hated across this land even more bitterly than his boss – Obama… Think […]

The “Michael Brown Memorial” burned – probably started by one of the many candles. So the local “Peaceful Unarmed Teenagers” blamed the police, – and began to riot again.

Sometimes SIZE Does Matter!

August 17th, 2014

30+ years of ooey-gooey AA/EEO hiring in government agencies can lead to awkward and potentially deadly situations. NO! A tiny female cop is NOT as good as a full-sized male. Writing speeding tickets is one thing, – a full blown riot is quite another!

Michael Brown: Teenage Thug

August 15th, 2014

Young people risked doing serious prison time acting out their rage – believing an “innocent unarmed teen” was the victim of out-of-control White Cops. Now the video tape [below the fold] tells a much different story. Michael’s death was tragic, certainly unnecessary.

Tensions mount, idiots incite violence, molotov cocktails fly. Pray for rain!  Nothing stops a race-riot like a soaking rainstorm. Five years and seven months into the tenure of our ‘First Black President’ – the only ‘change‘ I see from past race riots I’ve witnessed is the level of police equipment. Nothing has gotten any better […]

Looting and a drive-by shooting – and Obama interrupts his golf game long enough to issue a ‘profound presidential statement‘: “We should comfort each other and talk with one another in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds…”. That should stop the looting Barack!