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The FED, banking, stock trading, hedge funds, short selling, leverage, gaming companies…? As always with Democraps,  the media comes out days too late with the questions about a candidate’s various conflicts of interests and loyalties. Since Yellen was just confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury on Wednesday,  China Joe is wondering if his crooked son […]

Trump Up Early And WORKING!

December 2nd, 2019

Remember back in 2016 when his many detractors dismissed Trump as “just a reality show blowhard”?  Three years later they’re learning (to their chagrin / our delight) that he is an astute businessman able to juggle many balls at the same time. AND,  he keeps acting solely in the interest of the American People.  By […]

I’ve been asked to write about our Federal Reserve Bank’s plan to ‘stimulate’ our economy by buying Treasury Bonds with $600 Billion of ‘monopoly money’.  I’ll try to be brief because the more I write the more you’ll see that Economics is NOT my long suit. The FED has a “Plan” – and it’s scaring […]