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Oh The Drama, Oh The Phonies!

September 30th, 2013

It’s NOT about governing,  NOT about running the country;                                                – it’s ALL ABOUT the BLAME GAME! And the media gleefully does the dirty work of misinforming low-information voters. Do you for a moment think Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi care about ordinary people having health care?  If they did,  their vehicle would NOT have been ObamaCare!

The Senator is way easier to listen to than his dad….

With a very reasonable budget plan designed to embarrass and defeat Dems in 2014. It will force Democrats to declare that they ‘don’t care about saddling your grandkids with debt‘ – so long as THEY win re-election. It’s a gamble.  There may now be enough low-information ‘the Government owes us‘ voters that they outnumber thinking […]

1000 Days Without A Budget

January 23rd, 2012

Remember this as you watch our Liar-in-Chief deliver the SOTU Address Tuesday night.

Methinks The Forehead is ready to jump ship . . .