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Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray have just sold their souls to Joe Biden,  – and by extension to Xi Jinping. This flagrant abuse of power was intended to send a message to all of Biden’s enemies.   Big Jim Comey would approve,  – as would Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. At RRB we’re only left wondering […]

You can understand how badly Stormy Daniels wants to tell her story;  – that she had sex with Donald Trump years ago,…and was then paid to keep her mouth shut… It could mean a great book deal,  and she could have a staring role playing herself in the movie.   It seems Special Counsel Robert […]

Doing the work our duly-elected Lipstick Lesbian won’t – catching corrupt state politicians; – as Gov’nr Baker busies himself trying to rig the MassGOP elections. Oh, and Charlie was busy last month endorsing New Jersey’s RiNO Whale – Chris Christie – who dropped out last week.   Charlie, your RiNO administration isn’t looking any sharper than Deval’s….   […]

It seems the FBI had been looking into “Pay-to-Play” in Allentown, PA for awhile,  – and they ~ may ~ have discovered a dirty Democrat – and convinced him to wear a wire… …it’s called using a squirming little fish to catch a much bigger one.

The arrival of FBI agents with a warrant and empty evidence boxes is a clear sign that your lifestyle has attracted attention. When they depart – with the boxes full – you know that you’ll be needing a good criminal defense attorney,  – even if you are an attorney yourself – and the openly gay […]

The Ronald Calderon Saga

December 1st, 2013

He proves that money-grubbing corruption exists in all races and ethnic groups.  Ron is an equal-opportunity crook! What’d he do?  For starters he agreed to take big bribes – payments to a ‘Diversity PAC’ – but only if his wife was put on the payroll.  Ya gotta stick up for family you know!