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You know how unpopular Warren is when the Democrat insider kooks who decided on the mail-bomb stunt – didn’t bother to send her one! You’re expected to believe that ‘some Republican nut job’ is sending crude and obvious bombs,  – to people who NEVER open their own mail,  – ALL because Trump says mean things…?  […]

What did these Officers know – and who needed them silenced? Too bad Broward can’t ask the FBI for help… 

See If Obama Talks About This:

September 9th, 2013

…or Hillary,  or Kerry,  or Liar Rice,  or any of the cartel… There has been evil afoot for 4½ years, and nobody will talk about it.

Bracing For Tuesday Night

September 8th, 2013

No president in US History has ever told so many bald-faced lies. Tuesday night – he’ll do it again, – as he tries to take us to war – to distract from his crimes one year ago. Brace yourself.  Watch with your kids.   Explain to them what a horror show they’re watching and what it could […]