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This lifelong liar, – this box-checking fake Cherokee, – continues to sell her shtick that we are all “victims” (of Wall Street bankers…?) – while she takes donations from Wall Street bankers, – and does the bidding of George Soros. As a bought-and-paid-for US Senator – she’s little more than Soros’ private whore.  And we’re […]

Crook Too Old – Vote For Squaw!

February 11th, 2017

Can you believe,….Democrats once represented Americans…?

Dripping anti-Republican venom,  the fake Cherokee from Massachusetts – totally ignores illegal embryo harvesting and claims Republicans are trying to ‘strip women of their health care’.  Then she includes Fox News!?!   WTF? What she’s doing is insuring that abortion clinics will continue to fund her political ambitions and campaigns – with $$$$.  She actually […]

Is there no end to FAKE RÉSUMÉS in this country?  Suddenly Massachusetts Senator Squaw [white name: Elizabeth Warren] has a long-lost Cherokee cousin – Professor Andrea Smith at UnivCal Riverside. Funny,  Professor Smith is ALSO a lawyer… She wanted to be Cherokee real bad;  – back in 1993 she asked a Indian genealogist to look […]