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Out Of Hope?

October 7th, 2011

Obama’s War

March 22nd, 2011

Remember those days when Cindy Sheehan protested with Code Pink on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?  Remember when they said these wars weren’t justified due to the non-existence of WMDs?  I’m sure any minute now we’ll see Sheehan and her Pinkos out there demonstrating against PresO and his war.   After all, it’s long […]

“It’s all about the kids.  They’re our future!”  You hear that from every school union leader coast-to-coast.  “We care about your kids, our members always go above and beyond”.   Oh yeah?  California is the giant tip of our national iceberg.  The state is bankrupt, overrun with illegals [think there could be a connection?] almost totally […]

Party Chair Barbie – RESIGN!

November 3rd, 2010

TO:   Jennifer Ann Nassour, Esquire          Chairwoman – Mass GOP Less than two years ago in the Chelmsford Police Station, I asked you who you had in mind to be our next governor.  Dumbfounded, you muttered something about a Milton selectman you thought was clever.  It was a totally revealing moment.  You were only focused […]

Just like the song, they’re closing all the factories down.  (Full disclosure:  Allentown, PA is my actual hometown.) rr (Oh, and thanks to long-time reader, and lifelong friend, Flick for alerting me to this story.) An article in today’s Allentown “Morning Call” tells the story of a company that PresO visited during his administration. A […]