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Admits the Biden White House is “working with” Facebook to monitor and “correct disinformation” about Covid… This is hardly “Public Health”.  This is the private social media giant run by Mark Zuckerberg acting as the information arm of the US Government.   And he may actually be an agent of Red China. 

Stalin used to have them rounded up and shot.  Zuckerberg just has his software engineers write a tighter algorithm…  video:


It was funny to watch – the quasi-apologetic multi-billionaire being question by old fogies who barely understand the technology themselves.  They tried hard not to look Jurassic,  in front of the young man who they’ve all taken campaign money from. Zuckerberg was completely unruffled when shown the Facebook USER Terms of Service – over an […]

Whether it’s Obama,  Sharpton,  or your know-it-all local yokel,  you can always trust the left wingers to make erroneous snap judgments and pontificate bombastically!  CASE IN POINT: Someone took the time to compare the transportation of 21 year old mass murderer Dylann Roof in North Carolina yesterday, – to the scene of 43 year old […]

Democrats Suddenly FEAR Bloggers

February 11th, 2015

Only two members of the FEC are Obama hacks – Chair Ann Ravel and Lee Goodman, – but they’re making noise like scared rats!

We can only bear our ignominious disgrace in stoic silence, – since RiNOs outnumber Patriots on the 80-member State Committee,  and you don’t get another chance to dump them until March 2016. Just 86 days ago our voters elected a RiNO as governor [yes, Charlie was way better than Coakley] and sent all 8 incumbent […]

Founded 100 years ago at the outset of WW I,  the magazine was relentless in it’s scorn for our Constitution, – for religion, – and for Republicans and Conservatives. Now Facebook Billionaire Chris Hughes owns them and he’s ruthlessly throwing out the ‘old progressive fogies’, and moving the headquarters from DC to NY City.