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What did Eric Holder say in emails to his physician wife – Dr. Sharon Malone – about Fast & Furious, that has the Obama Cartel claiming ‘Exec Privilege” over 20 of them? The guns Holder’s criminal enterprise let go south to Mexican drug cartels – to start a border war – to create the excuse […]

Over three years ago – as the Obama Cartel was beginning their evil work, and RRB was just getting started, I called your attention to the evil plan the Cartel was working on vis-à-vis guns, drugs, immigrants, and our Mexican Border. Some dismissed me as ‘just bitter over the election’. Others were harsher. OK, so […]

WATCH: WH Press Briefing March 24th 2009 – Day 63 of the Obama pResidency. Watch at 1.32 of this video when David Ogden says Obama was in it from the very beginning. UPDATE: 10 AM Sunday June 24th:  Somehow the video is back on line…we urge you to watch and share with your friends before […]

A Quiet Man Erupts

June 21st, 2012

Representative Trey Gowdy (R) SC 4th; – normally a quiet man… Don’t you wish Massachusetts had Congressmen like this?