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The burning issue of our day  – transgender boys who insist on playing sports on girl’s teams – where their larger,  stronger bodies give them a decisive advantage?

In a moment of left-wing passion,  the Fake Mexican outdoes the rest of the pack when he vows to seize the legal guns of American Citizens. Guess he wasn’t much of a History student….VIDEO 

With this woman in charge of protecting Citizen’s Rights and Liberties, – this final year of the Obama Cartel looks to be really painful. There is a gun-grabbing agenda afoot in the upper echelons of our federal government, – and yesterday it was written plainly on the AG’s stone face.

With a mixture of feigned anger, bombast, tears, and blaming the NRA and Republicans for gun deaths – Obama told a room full of gun-phobic fools that he is signing anti-gun executive orders. “Until we have a Congress more aligned with the majority of Americans, there are actions I can take….”…

Even as Texas begins to allow open carry,  Obama is about to meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch – looking for any even quasi-legal Executive Orders he can sign to restrict gun sales and gun ownership.  Does he have a list provided by Michael Bloomberg? Bloomberg must be smoldering over Texas, – even as he […]

Freshman Steve Stockman, TX-36th – is not happy about Obama’s continual threats to use ‘Executive Orders’ to achieve ‘Gun Control’. Obama is framing the discussion to make GUNS and POLITICS the ‘enemy’.  See video below.  Socialist dictators have always needed an enemy – a bogyman. Stockman says he’ll file an Article of Impeachment if Obama […]

I’ve just watched the WORST SOTU speech since Jimmy Carter. But this one was far more sinister. This angry pResident of ours is determined to move us into socialism – and several times threatened to do so by executive edict. For my money – the Republicans seated there were far too quiet about it.