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By Executive Order Americans will get the various Coronavirus vaccines before they are shipped to other nations. By contrast,  Biden had been promising to start sharing millions of doses before all of our own citizens were protected.

Keeping up with his California rival,  a tired-looking Charlie Faker issues an Executive Order shuttering all ‘non-essential’ businesses, – and ‘suggests’ you stay at home… Begins at Noon March 24th through Tuesday, April 7th….

Trump took a historic step to deal with the rising anti-Semitism on American college campuses, – by linking anti-Semitism to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Executive Order makes it easier for government agencies to withhold federal funds from campuses which tolerate anti-Jewish and anti-Israel activities.  It comes with controversy,  – with critics claiming […]

Trump Has Signed The Order!

February 15th, 2019

Asking Congress didn’t work,  – a government shutdown didn’t work,  – the open-borders left wing of the Socialist Party wants us flooded with Mexican peasants. Trump took weeks to meticulously build the case that we need the wall,  – while Schumer, Pelosi, and the RiNOs dared him….  Their refusal to even admit the crisis amounts […]

Just days before Christmas,  Trump signed an Executive Order for asset forfeiture of all property and holdings of persons involved in serious human rights abuses and human trafficking…. Did that EO cause certain bad actors to begin liquidating their stock holdings in the belief that they might soon be targeted?   With all the good economic […]

She’s got a track record of picking the losing sides,  and of suing big names to make big headlines – on our dime! Now she’s suing President Trump for rolling back another of Obama’s illegal executive orders.   At issue?  She’s demanding “FREE birth control for everybody!”

This short video of the US Senate Judiciary Committee questioning former Acting Attorney General (fired by Trump) Sally Yates demonstrates exactly how LibTurds treat our Constitution. When it suits them,…they cling to it!   When it doesn’t fit their agenda,  – they either ignore it or try to reshape the words.  They fool a lot of […]

He just signed an Executive Order creating a “Transition Team” to assist the incoming administration. Does the timing seem a tad early?   What does he know? And just a day later – John Kerry’s State Dept “can’t find” any of Bryan Pagliano’s emails… Gosh!

Well damn, – I guess he does have a pen!  Congress?  What ‘congress‘?   We don’t need no stinkin’ congress!

Low information voters and gullible Obamaphiles will believe he’s by-passing a ‘difficult congress’ to get to work on Climate Change. MoonBats will swoon anew… But at RRB we’re pretty sure that even Obama doesn’t think he can change the weather or hold back the tides.   But by Executive Order he wants to ‘prepare us’.  […]