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He’s one of the most sleazy and duplicitous left-wing apostles to ever walk the land,  – fooling stupid voters while raising their taxes to feed his ‘special constituencies‘… Now with TAX REFORM and TAX CUTS becoming reality thanks to Donald Trump,  – JamieBoy is at a political crossroads….  Is he smart enough to even understand […]

JamieBoy flings your money around like confetti at a gay wedding. Your Democrat-controlled State Senate has been hard at ‘work’ lately – spending your money to buy votes. Guess how JamieBoy voted? 

In both 2008 and 2010 our ‘very own JamieBoy’ was bragging throughout his campaign about how HE brought Evergreen Solar and 800 jobs to Devens.  He was quick to explain how the state had ‘invested’ $58 million taxpayer dollars in this cutting-edge green technology. Earlier this year Evergreen laid off those 800 – and moved […]

Bad news just keeps on dripping! Can he find the faucet?

Wave 1,100 Goodbyes Deval

March 15th, 2011

And take a big bow Deval, – you did it! You and those stuck-on-stupid Taxocrats have just managed to push another 1,100 high-paying white collar [green] jobs out of state. And barely 2 months into your second term!  Wow, you are one fast-acting governor.    Fidelity Investments announced today that after cutting some 8,000 jobs […]

Another $535 Million Obama Ripoff

February 24th, 2011

Would this gentle-looking Harvard MBA rip you off for $535 Billion?  George Kaiser is an Oklahoma oil man and banker.  And he’s a friend of Mister Obama.  A good friend.  A VERY good friend.  In 2008 he maxed out his $2,300 personal donation and bundled another $50K for the new MEssiah.  At the time Hillary was […]