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Stephanie,  were you blinded by the $$$$, or by the limelight? Stephanie got HIRED, – then FIRED  – in the SAME DAY!   Seems she forgot to tell her new employers – NBC and MSNBC about a ~ little ~ conflict of interest…

Awhile back Louisiana Senator Mary “Blond Bimbo” Landrieu – facing a tough re-election fight, – aired a TV ad to show she is ‘a tough fighter’ for Louisiana energy, – and jobs. But it was FAKE!! She filmed the reenactment of a senate hearing – in Louisiana state office building. This is a violation of the […]

In one version maybe the Old Marine wants to die with his boots on. In the other – the arrogant crook figures this is yet another way to make his favorite move – play the race card and bluff the white kids. Today the NY Democratic Congressman representing Harlem, 80-year old Charlie Rangel announced before […]

So Much For MSNBC Ethics!

November 8th, 2010

 Mind-Boggling Harshness!   It was all just for show.  The ‘indefinite suspension’ for ethics violations handed down by MSNBC President Phil Griffin to Liberal Loudmouth Keith Olbermann has been reduced to just two (2) on-air days.  Olbermann returns to his job tomorrow. 

This story is moving faster than the Botox in Pelosi’s face! Rep Eric Massa (D)NY 29th,  who just yesterday said he wouldn’t run again “because of his health”, – is now rumored to be resigning entirely come Monday morning.

Forty (40) years in Congress, and now the beginning of the end!