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As a minimum it seems like witness intimidation. RbG Saint Louis may be just a fringe group of the Uhuru Movement, – but offering a cash bounty to find and photograph Officer Darren Wilson seems like an invitation to find and shoot him.

Outgoing Attorney General clearly looking for his pound of flesh. Holder makes no bones about his distrust loathing for the Ferguson Missouri Police Department,…telegraphs the outcome of his investigation…even as he tells the Grand Jury leaker to “Shut Up!”.  Holder may be hated across this land even more bitterly than his boss – Obama… Think […]

What did Eric Holder say in emails to his physician wife – Dr. Sharon Malone – about Fast & Furious, that has the Obama Cartel claiming ‘Exec Privilege” over 20 of them? The guns Holder’s criminal enterprise let go south to Mexican drug cartels – to start a border war – to create the excuse […]

Our Next Attorney General…Is….

September 25th, 2014

Deval Patrick may be feeling excited today. His name will likely be floated on the short list. But he’s got way too much baggage. My bet is Obama’s choice may be the only woman he feels a physical attraction to – California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris! Think back over these past 7 years – what […]

The “Michael Brown Memorial” burned – probably started by one of the many candles. So the local “Peaceful Unarmed Teenagers” blamed the police, – and began to riot again.

Pity Poor Eric Holder!

August 18th, 2014

Obama has ordered his Cartel hit-goon to Ferguson. Holder has to travel back to the ‘hood, – to face hostile Black Folks who will be both totally unimpressed with who he is, – and who will mock him to his face! Holder isn’t looking to ensure “Justice”, – he’s looking to SHORE UP Obama’s Black voter […]

Reports are out – seemingly confirmed by tweets – that Roll Call’s Deputy Editor Emily Pierce [somewhat of an expert on the legislative process] – is going to work for Attorney General Eric Holder in his Public Affairs office. Gee, what can Holder be contemplating – that he needs yet another mouthpiece [spokes-model?] – in […]

Whom The Gods Would Destroy…

January 22nd, 2014

                    …they shall first elevate! Three rising political stars suddenly find themselves caught up in controversy, lies, and even criminal investigations.  It cuts across party lines.  Some may be essentially unfair, – some are self-inflicted.  The Court of Public Opinion can be much harsher than a jury of your peers…

It’s one thing to do your job, – quite another to ‘overdo it‘. When you’ve been dubbed ‘the Sheriff of Wall Street’ – a major blunder can have international consequences. So a routine issue gets carried away…and we’ve REALLY pissed off nuclear ally India.  Oops!

Sheer Genius!

November 9th, 2013

Obama hires the Four (4) Socialist Stooges to…