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Hickenlooper, – because after Obama,  Americans so desperately need another off-the-charts liberal with a ridiculous name….

2-minute video:

During the 8 Obama years – the FBI operated under AG Eric Holder and then AG Loretta Lynch,  led by Robert Mueller and then Jim Comey. So many really BIG investigations were either scuttled, whitewashed, or abandoned we really have to ask:  “How deep does the corruption go?”


December 18th, 2017

If you once thought Eric Holder was just a Nasty Black Democrat Lawyer and friend of Barack Obama,  – it’s time to see him in a new light. Yesterday he tweeted a THREAT to President Trump,  – a pretty ballsy move for a former Attorney General still under a Contempt of Congress Citation.

Sometimes the Good News comes to us in quiet little pieces, – which the Propaganda Ministry tries to ignore – or even distort. The evil Obama-Holder program called “Operation Choke Point” has been ENDED!

Tells the 92 US Attorneys to “go for the max!” Liberals already ranting about “overcrowded prisons”.   Hillary taking Xanax!

“Professional Ethics be DAMNED!”  Looks like Eric Holder wants President Hillary to appoint him to the Supreme Court. He hosting a 90-minute NY City fundraiser “Lawyers for Hillary” on Tuesday, May 31st….despite an ongoing FBI investigation…

Sally Yates, the new Deputy Attorney General – under Loretta Lynch – has just issued the “Yates Memo” – which counteracts the old “Holder Memo”.  She’s setting the Justice Department after individual Wall Street crooks. Holder, the most racist and corrupt public official in the Obama Cartel, – ignored White Collar Crime – because Obama […]

Our favorite Junkyard Dog is at it again – calling out Attorney General Eric Holder’s racist agenda at the National Press Club. “Inflammatory and irresponsible rhetoric…like vultures at a roadside kill!” Cops in general, and police chiefs and sheriffs in particular, – often find it convenient to walk a delicate non-political line, – never revealing […]

Eric Holder Hates White Cops

November 16th, 2014

Won’t allow Death Penalty for Black gang members who kill them. It was January 31st when reserve police Captain Kevin Quick was carjacked – driven to ATM machines, and eventually murdered by at least four members of the Bloods – a decades-old Black Los Angeles ghetto crime gang – now spread nationwide.