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Whether it’s Obama,  Sharpton,  or your know-it-all local yokel,  you can always trust the left wingers to make erroneous snap judgments and pontificate bombastically!  CASE IN POINT: Someone took the time to compare the transportation of 21 year old mass murderer Dylann Roof in North Carolina yesterday, – to the scene of 43 year old […]

On duty,  cops have to remain quietly non-political. Their union is under no such restraint! Most NYPD officers are quietly seething at Mayor de Blasio’s remarks – when he told his half-black teenage son Dante to “be wary of the Police”.  Now the PBA is striking back – telling the mayor NOT to attend police […]

Schooled to be a Zombie?  Acton-Boxborough alumni ’11, – Hayley Cooke joins the mindless nationwide protests; – sits-in at Muhlenberg College [liberal arts college for B students] to protest death of Eric Garner. Would somebody ask this empty-headed junior MoonBat – [proud product of a socialist school system] – if she’s READ the Autopsy Report?

The NYPD‘s 34,000 cops should have been expecting this, – their new Mayor is a life-long commie.  He’s taken sides, essentially telling them to leave the street thugs alone. The clue was there early when he campaigned against “Stop, Question, and Frisk”.  He won Black and Hispanic votes by squawking about racial profiling.  He ignored […]