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He is a clever bastard – and he will not live in peace with the rest of civilized mankind.   His meeting in Ankara to “create a peaceful solution to Syria” is a sick joke. He is carving out Russian interests, – and arming the enemies of Western Civilization.  There will be much more bloodshed!

Is another of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood buddies about to visit the inside of a jail? Early reports of gunfire in Ankara,  military jets flying low over the city,  as the military moves to oust ISIS-friendly President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  Can’t wait for the wise words of SecState Lurch…. And then we’ll suffer through the ‘wisdom’ […]

The centuries-old arm-wrestling match between Turkey [occupies strategic choke points] and Russia [frustrated military giant who wants Mediterranean access] continues. While this single act will likely be resolved,  these two stubborn players are inching the world closer to a nuclear war…

It couldn’t happen to more deserving would-be Muslim Caliph!   Voters on Sunday rejected his request for more one-man control of government. America, Israel, and the Middle East need to beware; – a rebuffed Caliph can be a vengeful and vindictive bastard. He’ll need to find a bogeyman – and deflect attention.  Our air bases […]

The Mouth That Roared….

October 5th, 2014

…well, actually,…we believe it wasn’t his ‘mouth‘… As Obama is trying to enlist reluctant VERY reluctant Muslim and Arab allies into his “Air Only – No Boots ISIS Bombing Campaign”, – the last thing he needed was America’s Official Loose Cannon – VP Joe Biden, blaming Turkey for the ISIS problem… Remember:

The young folks of Turkey have been really pissed lately – at Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s obvious attempts to dial his nation back a few centuries – and make it the seat again of a Muslim caliphate.  So Obama – who aided the Muslim Brotherhood in their takeovers of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and now […]