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Yet another coin-operated DemoCRAP sell-out jumps on the train wreck….

These “Political Geniuses” in Des Moines told Trump in July 2015 to “end his Bloviated Campaign”;  – then in Jan 2016 they endorsed Hillary and Marco Rubio… Iowa needs an honest newspaper….or none at all.

Damn!  You don’t think,…that the Old Commie…sold out…? Think of all those Bernie Babes and their $27.oo donations….

Damned tough to claim you’re “fighting for the Middle Class”,  – when the guy endorsing you is worth $63 BILLION! If a schemer like Warren Buffett fears Trump enough to back the Evil Shrew,  – you know the fat cats are now taking Donald seriously.   AND you can see that the Democrats are NO LONGER the […]

OMG!    What a ‘Surprise’!    Not! Bill Weld is the PERFECT Democrat,   a totally transparent RiNO, – and not even a smidgen of a Republican.  The best words to describe him are “Self-serving opportunist”.

With his press conference he’s sending a clear signal that he prefers NOT to support Crown Princess Hillary. Do his socialist beliefs reflect his District?

RRB Endorses Mike Sullivan!

April 29th, 2013

…and here’s why: 175 days ago Mass Liberals, ignoring her flawed résumé, – sent ‘Cherokee Squaw’ Granny Warren to Washington as Ted Kennedy’s permanent replacement.  She immediately began voting as directed by Obama and Harry Reid. The best we can do on June 25th  – is balance her über-liberalism by sending someone who will honor […]

Oh, wait, this is no surprise at all. Powell is not a Republican. It is purely a racist move on his part. But, as we all know, blacks can’t be racists… so, perhaps not. In any case, the MSM will make hay with this all day long as if anyone should be surprised. I’m not. […]

Elizabeth Warren is the candidate Mass Dems actually deserve. They wouldn’t be comfortable with an honest candidate. For 60+ years they’ve sent phonies, liars, drunks, crooks, tax cheats, pedophiles, and murders to the US Congress, – watched them sin in public and behind closed doors, – then faithfully sent them back to do more of […]

For the past three weeks Barack Hussein Obama Jr. and William Jefferson “Good Hands” Clinton have been traveling around the country to bolster the campaigns of ‘important’ Democrats they think might be in danger of being dumped by voters next week. The Messiah came to help Duh-val, and Bubba came to help Bwarny Fwank. But […]