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Obama Awards Himself A Medal

January 5th, 2017

How much proof of narcissism does America need in his final days…? Obama staged his “Farewell to the Military” Wednesday;  – and awarded himself a Participation Trophy – the DoD Distinguished Public Service Medal.   Did our guys at Benghazi get a medal…?

If you’ve been watching some networks, you missed the walkout after Tuesday nite’s vote.  There are rumors that the Dems paid folks to fill in those empty seats last night…. Just another bad news story they don’t want told:

The Patriot Center at George Mason University hosted a traitor Friday night,   but only 2,000 MoonBats came to listen. It was a fundraiser for Terry McAuliffe’s Virginia Democratic Party, and Hillary was the featured speaker, – the ‘big money draw’…. But in the end – just to get 2,000 people – they had to […]

Hillary came [paid of course] – Hillary spoke – nobody noticed! Obama’s revenge is complete,…for the moment she’s almost a nobody. And then there’s the other ugly rumor….