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Hillary’s lead apologist used his time slot today – not to question Michael Horowitz,   – but to read a prepared rant against Trump: This is the EVIL attempting to obscure the Truth: video

If you’re born as a Black baby in Baltimore,  – you’ll be damned lucky to make it to your 21st birthday. But your congressmen will blame Republicans,  – and your mayor will blame ‘guns’.

It’s come to this – civilian activist Erricka Bridgeford printed the posters and folks are distributing them as you read this.

Hillary & Cummings vs The Truth

October 22nd, 2015

Must-Watch TV today – Hillary faces off against Trey Gowdy Day of reckoning, – and the Traitor feels entitled to LIE! Actually like most pathological liars,  it’s all the same in her head.  She no longer even knows what the truth really is.

Elijah Eugene Cummings the Democrat from riot-torn Baltimore,  is 64 years old,  and a testament to all that is wrong with AA/EEO.  He graduated from Howard,  then the University of Maryland Law School [1976] and has spent these past 32 years [half his life] on the public payroll. This coming Thursday he will use all […]