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Ponder Democrap Logic….

May 12th, 2021

If anything epitomizes the modern Democrat’s utter disdain for our Laws,  our Constitution,  and for basic decency,  – it would be those 18,883 (thus far) twisted sick bastards who contributed to Andrew McCabe’s GoFundMe legal defense fund. This guy was the #2 cop in the land,  – for a few weeks he was the Acting […]

42 seconds of sheer candor!   Enjoy! “If we hadn’t been caught lying  – we’d be running the country now!”

James O’Keefe Threatened….?

October 23rd, 2016

O’Keefe promised a MASSIVE exposé linking the thuggery directly to Hillary and Obama…. Now this tweet – a Deadman’s Switch,   – i.e. the videos will be released even if he is killed. Yes Folks,  O’Keefe understands how the Clintons play. Remember Vince Foster?   Remember Seth Rich?

WHY haven’t our ‘media’ been on top of this? BECAUSE they’ve become Hillary’s Propaganda Ministry!

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have penetrated the dark operators working for the Clinton Cartel. If you ~ thought ~ the crap at Trump rallies was started by outside agitators,  – your instincts were correct.

At least one Medical Doctor thinks so,  and he lays out his findings in a 16-minute video. You’ve already seen much of his evidence,  Doctor Noel just helps connect the dots….  Go ahead and watch.  You’ll pick up a little medical knowledge – and some new words.

The Saudis don’t much care if she’s a lying traitor,  – in fact,  that’s exactly what they’re paying for! She understands how the game is played.  Most Americans don’t remember when Bill gave key military technology to the Chinese in return for re-election funding.

In the USA. This video made me very sad. It is harrowing to watch, and to realize that this happened in our country. That brave men, exercising their rights under the 2nd Amendment, were able to regain control over a government intent on stealing elections, is heartening. I would do this for my family. Would […]

The questions before the Worcester Election Commission was – can the political activist group Neighbor-to-Neighbor operate openly within the 150 foot exclusion zone at future elections?  Wearing their distinctive t-shirts, can they accompany new voters into the voting booth? Only in lop-sidedly Democratic Worcester would such a stupid suggestion even merit a commission hearing. But […]