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Supremes RULE: 5:4 Gay Marriage is LEGAL in all 50 states.  Now,…about your dog-friend… How does the DOG say “I do”?  How does he/she say “Hell NO!” Give this 10 years and the term ‘divorcing the bitch’ will take on a whole new meaning…

Greenville SC GOP passes a Resolution of Rebuke dis-inviting Senator Lindsey “I’m a JAG Lawyer” Graham.  Slowly but surely Real Republicans are finding their dignity, expressing their outrage, and cleaning house of liberals, progressives, and RiNOs.  Memo to Scott Brown:  Take heed!  The folks back home know when you’ve screwed them. Watch the video

Harvard’s Disgrace

May 25th, 2010

When the history of the Obama pResidency is finally written, and comes to lay on a shelf near the history of the John Roberts Court, there will be an embarrassing little historical footnote in both volumes.  That footnote will be that Harvard hired Elena Kagan as dean of their law school. The 1 Million – […]