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When MoonBats Clash…

June 4th, 2013

I NEVER thought I’d become a Suzanne Bump fan,…but I sort’a have. It seems our Gov’nr Duh-val Patrick is still clinging to his belief that whatever fraud or abuse lurks in the EBT card system is ‘leakage’, or ‘anecdotal‘, – and that ‘we shouldn’t be beating up on poor people’. But State Auditor Suzanne Bump’s […]

Stephanie Everett, Esquire – of Mattapan,  one-time welfare recipient – from her $77,250 / yr state job as Chief of Staff for handing out EBT Cards! She was on duty when 47,000 cardholders ‘went missing’. Stephanie is a story unto herself – rising it would seem from a life of despair and poverty to become […]

Go ahead – call me a conspiracy theorist.  I think there are DIRECT LINKS between those 19,000 ‘missing EBT cardholders’ and Governor Deval Patrick. I think we can make a case for our TAX $$$ being diverted – to Uganda! So you ask, – what the heck is NFSC-USA ?