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Yes, YOU Fed A Terrorist!

April 24th, 2013

Marathon Bombers had EBT Cards! Deval Patrick’s favorite agency – the Department of Transitional Assistance – had the Tsarnaev Family on EBT Cards – originally as refugees. PONDER: Their victims, – the dead and the wounded – all of us who work – PAID for these bastards to live comfortably, go to school, and plot […]

Obamaville Song

March 17th, 2013

With deepest apologies to Jimmy Buffett! h/t Big Tom

He doesn’t see himself as OUR governor – he’s joined the Poverty Pimps. He won’t protect us from Evil or Fraud! First he refused to sign our state up for the Secure Communities program. Mind you, SC is a very weak law enforcement tool – designed to remove and deport only the most violent and […]