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Maybe they were auditioning for Biden’s Supreme Court List? Buying into BULLSHIT!  These three judges on Boston’s First Circuit decided that the hearing judge ~ somehow ~ failed to consider the emotional impact of the Marathon Bombing on the Greater Boston Jury Pool…so they overturned Dzhokhar’s death sentence.

JUSTICE!  Friday, 15 May 2015   Dipshit Tsarnaev – the Chechen ‘Refugee’ Boy Bomber / Cop Killer Jihadi – sentenced by a federal jury in Massachusetts – to DEATH! Can we first baptize him – in bacon grease?  RRB thanks the members of the jury,  – who saw past the bullshit – and saw the embodiment […]

…American playboy from Chechnya WAS a long-time Jihadi! Strangely, it is the defense team trying to save little brother DoucheCar’s life – that offered this jihadi image of the “Evil Big Brother” in court.  For my money – the whole family is twisted and evil!  How many more are out there…?  Democrats Please NOTE:  How […]

As the jury deliberates the fate of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, – let me vote for the Death Penalty. His bombs killed three outright – maimed hundreds, – and clearly his only regrets are the low casualty figures.  He executed a cop at point blank range to get his pistol.  He hasn’t apologized!

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – ungrateful Chechen Muslim refugee welcomed to Boston,  – given a free college education and an EBT card, – now found GUILTY of murder, terrorism, in Marathon Bombing. The jury wasn’t fooled by the youthful face of evil! JUSTICE!   Friday, 15 May 2015   Dipshit Tsarnaev sentenced by a federal jury in Massachusetts – to […]

Brace yourselves for a Media Merry-Go-Round of nauseating proportions. KNOW: the decision to seek the death penalty for this Chechen-born Muslim terrorist murderer had to come from Obama.  Holder doesn’t have the stones to make it by himself – he’s a horse-holder [a camel-holder?], not a leader or a decision-maker. KNOW: with this baby-faced bomber’s […]

Obama MoonBat professor says ‘cops used too much force’. Does she even know the names of the victims? CUNY Professor Ruth O’Brien is an unabashed Obama-lover. Already she has begun the process of ‘humanizing‘ the Marathon bombers, – and shifting focus and blame to ‘police tactics‘.

And Now…The Aftermath…

April 20th, 2013

Tamerlan dead,  lil’ brother Dzhokhar down, – now comes the politics, the replays, the trial, and the soul-searching…  Let’s examine some basic facts:

I’ve always maintained that the Coexist crowd live in a make-believe world!

Dead Men Tell No Tales….

April 19th, 2013

BREAKING: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev captured ALIVE in Watertown! Manhunt OVER; MIT Cop killed, T-Cop wounded… Two brothers from Chechnya; – this will frustrate the left-wingers who so badly wanted the bombers to be right-wing anti-tax gun-toting TEA Party zealots… WARNING: Graphic gruesome picture!