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The evil legacy of Dylann Storm Roof is aided and abetted by knee-jerk liberals. By his own admission Dylann is a hate-filled sociopath.  He murdered 9 Black people in a Bible study class in Charleston SC on Wednesday evening June 17th 2015.  American Black activists joined slavishly by American Liberals immediately over-reacted.

Whether it’s Obama,  Sharpton,  or your know-it-all local yokel,  you can always trust the left wingers to make erroneous snap judgments and pontificate bombastically!  CASE IN POINT: Someone took the time to compare the transportation of 21 year old mass murderer Dylann Roof in North Carolina yesterday, – to the scene of 43 year old […]

A church shooting!  Madman or “Hate Crime”?  How can shooting people 10 – in a church – not involve some kind of hate?  But within days left-wingers will be calling for more GUN LAWS! Meanwhile Folks,  find this guy,  – but be careful about it!  He is described as a clean-shaven blonde white man in […]