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He was the honor grad from Georgetown Law, – and a strident leader of many left wing causes like gay rights and anti-gun laws.  A few years back he seemed to burn out.  Was his arrest for DUI the breaking point? Suicide may have ended HIS pain,  but what about his son Archer?

Blew into a breathalyzer twice – a .30 and .294.  Almost his batting averages.

She was in a car crash (into a parked tree) in Pennsylvania last year,  – with pill bottles containing Carisoprodol and Lorazepam,  – and a suspended driver’s license.  The drugs were also in her system. But you KNOW the outcome.  The media hushed the story.  The 33-yr old rich girl just left a Pennsylvania courthouse […]

Dead at the scene was a man on his way to pick up his final paycheck,

Officer, Do You KNOW Who I Am?

February 2nd, 2020

Rebekah Warren – 2-term Michigan State Rep and now on her first term as State Senator has spent her entire life in politics – libturd politics.  Her Mother-in-Law ran for governor.  So driving home drunk is no big deal…? It was the day after Christmas – late at night – on a busy interstate highway […]

It’s the Texas Democrat Payback Machine, – an indictment of their Republican Governor by a heavily liberal Austin grand jury. This is political payback – and a grand waste of public time and money. But liberals will do anything to defend their drunks – remember Ted Kennedy?

Because Duh-val wants him as a Democrat voter! TWICE DEPORTED for D-U-I ! Living in Marlborough. False name.  No driver’s license. WANTED by Homeland Security and ICE FIVE (5) previous DUIs! Caught in Boxborough DUI [#6] with an expired inspection sticker.

RFK Jr. Unglued In Florida

October 14th, 2010

The 3-way senate race in Florida is getting ugly.  Yesterday another no-class Kennedy added his chirping to the din.  Watch Robert F. Kennedy Jr. [Bobby and Ethel’s 3rd of 11] make snide remarks about Republicans and Tea Party “crackpots” as he endorses sure loser Charlie Crist.  In the follow-up he makes it plain that he […]

Mass 5th: No Do-Overs Tuesday

September 13th, 2010

Golnik:  38%  Meas:  26%     Weaver:  21%     Shapiro: 15%

Questions For Jon Golnik

September 9th, 2010

With all the controversy surrounding Jon Golnik’s non-voting record, his DUI/drug arrest, his blaming of others, and his lying;  I think it only fair to give Jon a chance to set his own record straight.  The election is just five days away.   Jon can you answer these questions?