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He makes about $4 Million a year, – has had a series of injuries, – and the usual seamy love-life most NFL gladiators seem to live. A Grand Jury in no-nonsense New Hampshire just indicted him.  How many practices and games will he miss….?  I won’t be watching!

Max Barry was just 22 when he died of a drug overdose in Denver today.  He’d just finished college in Washington State. Somehow,  being the son of Nashville’s mayor didn’t save him.  He moved from one drug-infested city to another,…and it killed him.

Obama,…It’s Your Turn…

November 5th, 2013

I didn’t want to beat this drum much more,…but Bill adds some solid evidence of drug use “Lean”  here that may have escaped many of you.  You sure didn’t read about Lean in the Boston papers… It seems clear now that Obama, Holder & Cartel will railroad Zimmerman with a drummed-up Civil Rights case – just […]

Beauty, talent, voice, and those God-damned drugs . . . FOLLOW-UP:  Friday, 5 Feb 2015   After days on life support following her being found unconscious and face-down in a bathtub on Saturday,  Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown – 21,  was taken off life support. Drugs were found in her home.