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This rugged mountain terrain just west of El Paso is a notorious smuggling route from Juárez,  – so it was high-priority for the first (and hardest) section to be built. Nancy Pelosi should watch, – she’d learn a little about American engineering. 5-min video:

New Mexico shares 180 miles of almost totally unguarded boarder with Mexico – a virtual smuggler’s interstate.  Some Patriots have taken action to stop the traffic. Governor Grisham has a choice:  place state law enforcement people on the border to stop the Patriots,  – or to stop the flow of illegals.  She needs to pick […]

If ONLY CNN had been doing REAL REPORTING all along,  – through those Obama years…. This video – a well-edited 10 minute clip,  – highlights what many have long suspected,  – that under Chavez and now Maduro,  official Venezuela got into the drug trade BIG TIME,  – and that drug money is keeping the Army […]

Charlie Faker is courting a National Audience for 2020, – likely wants to team up with any anti-Trumper who’ll take him on…. Today he was testifying in DC before one of the Democrat’s (read Progressive / Communist) most strident members about how the CLIMATE is destroying Massachusetts. Your Tax $$ building HIS left-wing résumé….   video:

Go ahead,  – Google the word ‘Arkancide‘  – the unfortunate series of coincidences, suicides, unexplained deaths, airplane crashes, and unsolved murders of people associated with the Clintons since their days in Arkansas…. Hillary’s base – her devoted core of angry frustrated women who have ‘waited all their lives for a WOMAN PRESIDENT’ – will dismiss […]

Doing the work our duly-elected Lipstick Lesbian won’t – catching corrupt state politicians; – as Gov’nr Baker busies himself trying to rig the MassGOP elections. Oh, and Charlie was busy last month endorsing New Jersey’s RiNO Whale – Chris Christie – who dropped out last week.   Charlie, your RiNO administration isn’t looking any sharper than Deval’s….   […]

ARKANCIDE! Their Trail Of Corpses

September 6th, 2015

Grab a beverage Folks,   and take a deep breath.   You’ll be watching this for awhile – it’s almost 2 hours long…a disturbing trip back in History.   If you’re too young to remember any of this,  – then it’s about time you had your eyes opened! If any of you MoonBats and “Democrats” can […]

In his State of the State Address, Vermont’s Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin used his ENTIRE address to discuss the growing crisis facing Vermont – from “the rising tide of drug addiction and drug-related crime spreading across Vermont”.   And he’s surrounded.  To the south, Massachusetts has decriminalized small amounts of marijuana ‘for personal use’,  and […]

Our Arizona desert is the superhighway for Mexican illegals and Mexican drug smugglers.  Arizona is desperate since [former Arizona Governor] Homeland Security Chief Lesbian Janet Napolitano refuses to guard the border.  Citizens are frightened, ranchers are being threatened, one murdered, police officers and border patrol agents have bounties on their heads, some are shot, others […]