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Liberal Seattle is home to some 725,000 people with a $12.oo minimum wage.  But some 12,000 of those folks have no wages,  and are homeless, – and are mostly drug addicted. It has taken just two decades of arrogant liberalism to ruin what was one the cleanest and most beautiful city I’d ever visited.  CAUTION: […]

Somebody please tell me again how marijuana is ‘harmless and non-addictive – better for you than booze’…

Dying For Stolen Drugs

December 19th, 2014

Isai Robert Delcid – 18, died trying to steal drugs for his older brother Carlos – 22. Drugs are harmless?  Really?  Carlos Delcid had twice stolen drugs from the home of Anna Marie and George Wyant, in Charlotte, NC, – once while servicing their air conditioner, – once by breaking in. This time he sent […]

In his State of the State Address, Vermont’s Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin used his ENTIRE address to discuss the growing crisis facing Vermont – from “the rising tide of drug addiction and drug-related crime spreading across Vermont”.   And he’s surrounded.  To the south, Massachusetts has decriminalized small amounts of marijuana ‘for personal use’,  and […]