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8% in SC,  13.7% in Nevada,  24.5% back in NH….it seems the longer people listen to him,  – the fewer votes he’s been getting. Some people found his manner and tone a little condescending.  Others just didn’t want to see a US President kissing a man….  Maybe the enormity of the Coronavirus problem intimidated him…?

It was a brief campaign – from last August until this morning.  For reasons he has totally failed to explain – he truly hates Trump (but says he’s a Republican?). He may have a lot in common with Weld, Romney and Charlie FAKER.   A man with a troubled past,  he was comfortable making his announcement […]

Bloggers and comedians across the land are saddened to learn that NY’s Junior Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (once a #MeToo victim) has decided to stay comfortably in the Senate. Not even a stand up presser, – she “Tweeted Out”. Damn,  and I had so many Blonde Jokes all lined up…   She would have been the First […]