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Vote-Stealing MassHole Democrats

September 4th, 2019

There is EVIL afoot in our State House today – as Democrats openly and quite brazenly attempt to move a joint bill through “Public Hearings” – to vote, – and on to Charlie FAKER’S desk for signature. They are determined to LEGALIZE what has been an ongoing practice at the RMV – giving Mass Driver’s […]

It was happening – maybe for years – in the very shadow of City Hall,  the Federal Building,  and just 1/3 mile (1900 feet) from Baker’s Office.   6 scumbags were selling Mass Driver’s Licenses to illegals – and registering them to vote. At RRB we have to ask why it took the Mass State Police […]

They’re ALREADY giving drivers licenses to ILLEGALS,  – now they plan to use that system to let the ILLEGALS VOTE! California Secretary of State Alex Padilla has proposed a new law which would allow all “eligible” California drivers to vote.  Hmmm,  would they be checked off a list,  – or required to SHOW their ID?  […]