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Obama Plays A Race Card

June 15th, 2012

First he implements Secure Communities – OVER the objections of liberal governors like Duh-val Patrick. In an election year it makes him look tough on crime, and ~ maybe ~ tough on illegals living here. But it was just a head-fake. Wisconsin shook up the Cartel. Their own exit polling must have terrified them. So today, […]

By Executive Order – uses ICE Memorandum to accomplish DREAM Act. Essentially tells ICE to IGNORE illegal aliens attending American universities and colleges. And you’re PAYING for it!

Obama to illegals:  “We want you to succeed”. [youtube width=”504″ height=”314″][/youtube] So much for that part of the Oath where he promised “…to well and faithfully execute the duties of the office…”.  Obama made two speeches yesterday.  Here he is speaking at Bell Multicultural High School,  Washington, DC.

Did Niki and Harry Find Jesus?

December 17th, 2010

With classic Washington theatrics there was a vote held near Midnight Thursday to approve Obama’s ‘deal’ on renewing the Bush-era tax cuts for two years in exchange for giving the 99ers another 13 months couch time.  It passed 277/ 148/ 10.  Eight of our ten MassHoles voted against it – stubbornly refusing to give those […]

Nancy Pelosi’s Revenge

November 22nd, 2010

There was a time she probably thought she might become our first woman president.  She probably envisioned herself striding to the microphone brimming with self-assurance to calm a bereaved nation in it’s darkest hour.  She probably figured her statues and paintings would be on display for at least a thousand years. But three weeks ago […]