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With just 113 days until the start of the Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee (if it can be held), – lots of people were expecting Hillary to parachute in as “the responsible alternative” to the two crazy old coots… But now many are whispering a different name,  – NY Governor Andrew Cuomo,  – based on […]

He was supposed to rebuild the DNC after the 2016 Hillary / Donna Brazil / Wasserman-Schultz debacle.  He’s failed miserably!  The Squad has driven Democrat presidential wannabes (at least 2 dozen of them) to the extreme loony left, – while Billionaire white guys are trying to buy their way into the White House. There are […]

It is beyond understanding – that the once-proud bastion of conservative broadcasting and honest journalism – – would hire an admitted left-wing liar who gave debate questions to Hillary…. Bernie must be damn near speechless!

After 8 long years,…they finally arrested a Democrat operative – as he was fleeing the country? You know they always go for the little fish first,….then use ’em for bait for the bigger ones.

42 seconds of sheer candor!   Enjoy! “If we hadn’t been caught lying  – we’d be running the country now!”

Hillary,  the DNC,  the Obama White House and the Obama Justice Department,  the national and local media,  and your local election officials are all in on it. Be aware, – be alert,   and don’t help them!

DNC Issues New Passwords By EMAIL?

September 14th, 2016

And these assholes think they’re smart enough to run our country? Frankly, I really don’t care if the DNC is hacked – or hacked repeatedly.  They’re arrogant, evil, pompous people.   BUT,….

Between the RNC this week in Cleveland, and the DNC next week in Philly, Hillary will likely chew a whole bottle of Tums. Every lie,  every evil deed,  – and every political blunder she’s ever pulled will be flashed on the big screen for all the world to see,  – and for the younger generation […]

Young Seth Rich used to work for Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson before working for the Tasmanian Devil – Debbie Wasserman-Shultz at the DNC.  He was shot multiple times – in the back – as he walked in his neighborhood at 4 AM. What’s a nice Jewish boy doing out in that kind of neighborhood – […]

Lifelong Socialist Bernie Sanders and Martin ‘Rainwater’ O’Malley are likely rethinking the wisdom of the XIX Amendment this morning. The DNC’s Tasmanian Devil hath S-P-O-K-E-N,  – and she speaks for Hillary! At issus are the number and location – and even the format of Democrat debates to be held before the state primaries.